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Your one stop preloved store

That Store was created on the basis of providing a secure way to deal with the delivery and payment of second hand items looking for a new home. 

Look around and see all the things sitting in boxes or lying around in mint condition that haven't been used for months and some even years... How could these possibly be sold to make some extra money?

We are here to ensure that anyone, who would like to earn some extra money can do so at the click of a button by converting that pram or cot that their babies have outgrown to cash or getting rid of your cellphone to afford that much needed upgrade. Anyone who's looking for furniture that's usually far too pricey, that new laptop that's a bit too steep or just a bicycle to go on that off-road trail they've been dreaming of but couldn't dare to spend those hefty prices on a new one... has come to the right place.

This is how we came about and are excited for you to join our journey!