Privacy policy

    1. The Buyer has the option to create an account when purchasing which allows for express checkout, tracking purchases and reviewing previous purchases. The seller submits a form to That Store verifying the Goods they wish for That Store to upload on the Website. The Seller will only have the choice to create an account if you wish to become a buyer in essence on That Store and purchase products as mentioned above.

    2. The User (Buyer) keeps the data used for logging in to the Portal confidential and prevents them from becoming known to third parties as best they can.

    3. The User (Buyer) is responsible for all activities that occur on a registered and logged in user account. If there is any doubt about the misuse of the User’s account, a relevant notification must be sent immediately to the address


    1. In order to protect the interests of the Users of the Portal, the entire sales process must take place in the Portal environment. The Buyer must use only the payment methods and methods of transportation provided in the Terms and Conditions. The Buyer can pay for the goods with an EFT payment or credit card/debit card.

    2. The Portal protects both the Buyer and Seller from potential fraud as follows: 

      1. After the purchase is made, the amount paid for the Goods is deposited in the account of That Store until That Store has received a Delivery Note from the Courier Service confirming that the Goods have been collected from the Seller and dropped off at the Buyer’s nominated location, in which case the transaction is complete. The Users will also be notified by way of an SMS or phone call where the Users will be made aware of the collection and drop-off taking place. The money will remain in the account of That Store until the Goods are delivered to the Buyer.

      2. After the goods have been shipped or the service has been provided, That Store will be notified by way of SMS/email/Website notification from the courier service to confirm the receipt of the Goods delivered to the Buyer. 

      3. Upon confirmation of delivery from the courier service to That Store, after deducting the relevant service fee, That Store will transfer the amount paid for the goods to the Seller’s account.

    3. In order to avoid any disagreement between Buyer and Seller, we encourage the Seller and Buyer to communicate to That Store via, and before making a purchase, make all relevant queries about the goods or services and answer them.  That Store encourages utilising the support email for queries which would be answered as soon as possible.

    4. For the purpose of this clause reference to That Store shall also include the Mobile Operators and such other agencies through whom That Store shall make the Online Store available to the User.

    5. Transactions will be acquired via Peach Payments, which use the strictest form of encryption (Secure Socket Layer 3), and as such, no credit card details are stored on the Website. Click on the link to view Peach Payments’ security certificate and security policy. That Store will have no access to card details entered by the User on the Peach Payments secure site. With regards to the Seller providing their bank details in order for That Store to pay them, the Seller’s banking details also will not be stored on the Website and will only strictly be used for payment to be made into the Seller’s account.


    1. That Store collects only such personal data from the User that arise during the use of the Portal pursuant to the User’s activities on the Portal. Such data is, for example, data in the User’s profile, information provided during the sale of Goods, and data saved from all other activities provided on the Portal (saving Goods/another User, making a purchase, sending messages, etc.).

    2. That Store has the right to process data that That Store has received from the User when logging into the Portal and that That Store has asked during the use of the Portal or which is collected about the User when otherwise using the Portal for the purposes and to the extent specified in the Terms and Conditions.

    3. The User consents to That Store processing their personal data for the purposes and to the extent specified in the Terms and Conditions. The User has the right to withdraw the consent at any time, request the termination of the processing of personal data and the deletion or closure of the collected personal data, as well as the closure of the user account.

    4. That Store uses the User’s personal data to provide, develop, and personalise the Portal’s service.

    5. That Store has the right to use the User’s personal data and transfer them to third parties selected by That Store to cooperate with them to ensure the quality and availability of That Store’s services, as well as expand, improve, and otherwise develop the services offered by That Store.

    6. As per the above, the User agrees that, once the correct username and password relating to your account have been entered, irrespective of whether the use of the username and password is unauthorised or fraudulent, you will be liable for payment of such order.