Shipping & Delivery


    1. The portal allows:

      1. By clicking on the “sell” button on the Website, the Seller has access to the form for completion and verification of the Goods, which is then to be submitted back to That Store. After a review process and upon approval of the submitted form sent by the Seller, That Sore will upload the Goods, into the specific product category, onto the Website. The upload will include description, condition and images of the Goods.

      2. Selling goods and services on the Portal;

      3. Browsing, saving to favourites and buying Goods from other users (sellers) which will be in various product categories on That Store.

    2. That Store provides the money deposit service for the performance of sales contracts concluded by the Users in which the Buyer transfers the money to the account of That Store when making a purchase either via a bank transfer or by using a credit/debit card. When purchasing the Goods, the money is paid into the account of That Store and held until the Goods have been delivered to the Buyer, only then will That Store transfer the money to the Seller.

    3. It is only possible to make purchase and sales transactions in Rands on the Portal

    4. Description of the purchase/sales process:

      1. The buyer finds the Good of interest and makes the payment through a bank transfer or with a credit/debit card.

      2. The money is transferred to the account of That Store and held until the Goods have been delivered to the Buyer, only then will That Store transfer the money to the Seller.

      3. The Seller sends the goods to the Buyer with the courier service. 

      4. The process in which the courier service use will be as follows:-  a delivery note will be sent to That Store after the entire transaction has taken place. The Seller will be notified by way of an SMS or phone call confirming that the driver is on the way to collect the Goods. The Buyer will too be notified by way of an SMS or phone call confirming that the driver is on the way to the Buyer’s chosen location. As such, both Users will be updated during the pick-up and drop-off process.

      5. The Buyer pays the money into That Store when making a purchase of Goods on the Website, and That Store transfers the money to the Seller’s account after deducting the service fee. That Store assumes the Buyer is satisfied with the Goods if a period of 5 (five) days have passed and That Store have not heard otherwise from the Buyer.

      6. The SMS notification will certify the operation of the selected mode of transport or prove the shipping of the item. If there is an issue with receiving an SMS notification, then That Store can be contacted regarding same. The Buyer will be directed to a “Thank you for the purchase page” as well as receive an email when a purchase is made. As the Buyer would pay for collection and delivery on check-out, the Seller will be notified and must prepare the product/s for collection as and when the courier service states it’ll arrive for pick-up.

      7. That Store transfers the payment to the Seller’s bank account and the sales transaction is deemed to be completed.


    1. The Seller pays a service fee of 13.5% (thirteen and a half percent) calculated from the item price only when the item is purchased. This amount of 13.5% (thirteen and a half percent) as the service fee is made up of 50% (fifty percent) maintenance of That Store as well as That Store’s 50% (fifty percent) charge fee for advertising the Seller’s goods including bank transaction fees.

      1. Adding items to the Portal is completed by way of the Seller submitting a form with the Goods description, condition and images to That Store for review before uploading the Goods at no additional cost;

      2. Service fee is not calculated from the delivery cost; 

      3. The Buyer will not be able to cancel the order. The order will have to be delivered to the Buyer and only then the Buyer will be able to log a return within 5 (five) days of receiving the product by notifying , and the service fee will not be deducted from the Buyer before returning their money to them. The Buyer is required to return the item to the Seller, and once received by the Seller, the Buyer will receive their money back. The Buyer will only have the option to return the Goods if it is not according to the image or description or if it is faulty. The Buyer will be required to provide sufficient evidence that the Goods do not meet the sale listing specifications. Please refer to this in the Cancellation Policy.

    2. When using the delivery service, the Buyer will pay for delivery on check-out, which is calculated based on the weight of the product together with the distance of the Buyer's location from the Seller's location. The Buyer has the option of obtaining a quote before purchasing the product by contacting before checking-out.

    3. The shipping fee will be calculated at checkout and included in the total costs. The Buyer pays for the delivery.

    4. The Seller may also offer free shipping of the Goods if the transport cost is included in the price of the Goods.


    1. As the Buyer pays for delivery on check-out, the Seller would be required to ensure the Goods are ready for delivery once informed their item/s have been purchased. The Seller has up to 7 (seven) days from the receipt of the purchase order to ship the goods. To ensure the shipping of the Goods at the correct location, the Buyer will fill out their location of choice for drop-off on checkout.

    2. The Buyer does not have to notify That Store that they have received the Goods. In order to confirm the receipt of the Goods, the courier service will notify That Store. 

    3. That Store will release the payment made by the Buyer to That Store’s deposit account and transfer it to the Seller within 5 - 7 (five to seven) working days after the courier service confirms delivery of the Goods received by the Buyer. The Seller enters the account details where they want the payment for the goods to be transferred, on the form provided for by That Store.